About Us

Regular eye tests are an essential part of an active lifestyle, we are here to check the quality of your vision, to help maintain healthy eyes and ensure excellent vision. We have been providing eye care in Tunbridge Wells since 1987, offering a friendly and relaxed way to help you and your family. Our high street store has a relaxed environment and with our expertise we can help you choose from a wide range of frames and contact lenses to suit all lifestyles and budgets.

Contact Lens Experts

Incorrect or poor contact lens fitting can lead to catastrophic results. 

Yet contact lenses can free you from glasses offering you convenience and super sharp vision at the same time So, choosing the right contact lens peeperseyecare is very important. Our Optometrists are experts in the field of contact lens fitting and contact lens related ocular surface care. With years of experience, we know how to minimise the risk of potential damage to your eyes using contact lenses. You can therefore trust us to take care of your eyes and ensure your contact fit is perfect.

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